Let's get to know each other July 09 2014, 0 Comments

What do you know about South Korea? Not much? That's fine, me too. I can count the things I know about it on the fingers of one hand (militaristic northern neighbour, national dishes - kim chee, bulgogi, bim bim bap, Gangnam Style and a few other clichés...you get the picture).

However, I do know one important thing about South Korea that you might not. They have super-stylish children's clothing. My daughters and I are lucky enough to have Korean friends to introduce us to some of the amazing independent brands, designed and made in Korea, that the kids of Seoul get to wear everyday.

I think it's time that kids in London and around Europe got the opportunity to see some of these brands too; they have their own unique aesthetics, from kitschy-cute to chic and sophisticated, and they are made from high-quality fabrics with thoughtful detailing. That's why I created Rabbit in the Moon. The website is focused on a few of my favourite brands producing clothing for children aged from one to eight. The plan is to introduce clothing for babies as soon as I can source equally wonderful items. All the items shown as in stock on the website are in the UK, ready to ship immediately.

As far as this blog goes, it's a great tool for me to keep you updated about everything that's going on at Rabbit in the Moon and maybe a few of the fun/wonderful/crazy things that I might come across during the day in London. Plus, every time I discover something new and interesting about South Korea during my research, I promise to let you know!