IS boho back? July 23 2014, 0 Comments

My heart sank last week when I read this headline on the Daily Telegraph website. I have never been to Glastonbury (too muddy, too few toilets) and I never had an urge to look like Sienna Miller circa 2001. But it turns out that they weren't advocating a total time warp, just a return to some of the best features of the boho trend, for example, long hemlines, romantic prints and soft, floaty fabrics. Keep the look Summer 2014 by choosing simple accessories and making sure hair is brushed, not mussed! Ready to introduce the next generation? Here's what Rabbit in the Moon suggest:




1. Our very own Bien a Bien maxi-dress is the perfect dress for this trend. It has a long hem line and floaty silhouette, plus pockets for casual posing and a lovely print as well. What could be nicer for girls 1-6 who like this look? 2. Classic RayBan Clubmaster sunglasses come in a junior size. This style suits everyone, it never dates and, of course, it offers UV protection which is even more essential for children's delicate eyes. 3. Maybe you won't actually be buying this Coach Legacy Penny bag for your daughter (although there is a mini version), but it is a great compact size for times when you have a buggy or nappy bag to carry the heavy stuff and since it's got a cross-body strap your hands are free to hold on to your toddler. 4. Fashion editors have decreed that Birkenstocks are IN this season. There is no denying that they are comfy and durable though, and this sleek black pair for girls and boys are actually rather chic too.

So, maybe girls can do boho in 2014 after all. PS. If you can't resist taking it a little bit further (or if you actually are going to a festival this summer) why not add our fabric feather headband? It will make a change from a flower garland and it works for dressing up as well.