Café Culture - Seoul Style August 05 2014, 0 Comments

Image by Ken Lum Lee from Seoul State of Mind.

In my first blog post I promised to let you know when I discover anything new or interesting about Korea. Well, my first really important discovery comes courtesy of Ken Lum Lee's striking blog Seoul State of Mind.

Of course there are friendly coffee shops with tasty coffee in London, but have you been anywhere that could compete visually with these cafés in Seoul? The images above include a delicious-looking meringue espresso at the Takeout Drawing Café, an iced coffee with a candy floss topping at the Banana Tree Café, the live sheep (yes, that's right live sheep - possibly considered a food hygiene issue in the UK) that greet customers at the Thanks Nature Café and, my favourite, the porcelain toilet mugs from the Poo Café.

The problem with researching Korea on the internet is that websites are not only written in Korean script, but are often completely untranslatable even with a translation tool. Seoul State of Mind is written in English and offers a really accessible insight into life and style in South Korea. There are beautiful photographs, not just of food and the cafes mentioned above, but also the landscape, architecture and many other sights Seoul has to offer. If you really want to see more of Seoul (from it's best angles) then check it out.