Mad about Mod September 15 2014, 0 Comments


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The 1960s was a decade that produced many iconic fashion images, so it is no surprise that designers frequently revisit the era for inspiration. This autumn is no exception, and many designers featured '60s-style shift dresses like these gorgeous examples from the Valentino, Saint Laurent and Gucci AW14 collections.

Rabbit in the Moon doesn't really believe in children dressing like mini-adults, but Mod style can really work for girls. Jersey mini shifts are warm, comfy and easy to run around in, plus they work best with tights and flat shoes. 1960's details like op-art prints, daisy appliqués and shiny fabrics might be too much for adults to wear to the office, but they look fantastic in smaller doses on small people.


So, since we love this look, here's a sneak preview of some easy ways to get it (due in our new delivery next week). Our salmon pink tunic dress from Sweven would look perfect on any runway, but is totally practical too. And who could fail to have fun in these Daisy Brogues from our new brand Allo Cotton? Plus there are more tunic dresses from ae-hem, and of course our shiny golden mini skirt has a great '60s vibe too...